Celtic Brae Aussies

We occasionally will have a litter available for sale.  We breed our Aussies to improve and provide all around
Aussies for Australian Shepherd enthusiasts.  All of our puppies are cared for as if they were staying here on the
farm.  They are socialized with kids, chickens, sheep, horses, cats and of course adult dogs.  We start car rides
and potty training as soon as they show a desire to do so, temperament is tested to be sure and match each
puppy with the right family.  Careful records are kept from birth on charting growth and well being.  They are
double registered with AKC and ASCA.  They are checked by the vet before they leave, eyes are CERF evaluated
prior to leaving as well.
We are striving for show quality puppies that are bred to be a sound and invaluable member of a farm or home.  
To see if we have any available puppies click on Litters/available above.
Celtic Brae Sugar N Spice
The  Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) and/or the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize any "size"
varieties of the Australian Shepherd.
There is no such thing as a mini or toy Australian Shepherd. There is no such thing as a standard Australian Shepherd,
only Australian Shepherds as they are known. The mini/toy North American Shepherd is not recognized as a size variety
of the Australian Shepherd. They are a separate breed, despite the name of their parent club, which uses the name
"Australian shepherd" in their breed name.

8/17 Celtic Brae The One "Neo" received his Senior Barn Hunt title after three competitions he received two
high in class with two first places and a third to get his RATS senior title. After that he went on to get 3
qualifying scores against a VERY competitive field to get 3/5 qualifying scores towards his Master title.

7/17 Celtic Brae Sugar N Spice "Sugar" received a reserve winners bitch to a 5 point ASCA Major from the 6-9
month puppy class! Very excited about her future!

6/17 Celtic Brae The One "Neo" received his AKC championship after 4 months out with Tammy Sazbo

11/16 Celtic Brae The One "Neo" recieved his first two legs towards his RATN, Novice barn hunt title, at
Menomonee Falls!

10/16 Celtic Brae The One "Neo" recieved his first herding title Junior Herding Dog, JHD, at Stoctoberfest.

8/16 Celtic Brae The One "Neo" got his first two ASCA points at the RRVASC show!

3/15 Celtic Brae The One "Neo" took Best of Show puppy, twice ASCA show!

JND's Show No Mercy now has 9 points with one 3 point major on her way to finishing.
Celtic Brae Rule the Dark